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Turku´s Winter Outdoor Swimmers Club

Street address:              Rykmentintie 51   (Ispoisten uimaranta)

Sauna and dressing rooms opening hours in winter season: 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  14 – 21. Note that Thursdays are for members only.


The benefits of winter outdoor swimming
The benefits of winter outdoor swimming are individual but most people find it very relaxing. The effects depend on the number of times the person enters the water and the time spent there and how sauna is used for warming up the body. Winter outdoor swimming has been known to have several healthy effects for instance:
- prevents common colds and flues
- relaxes both mind muscle and relieves the muscular and joint pain
But most of all – the winter outdoor swimming is great fun!

Following items are recommended:
- Swimming suit
- Towel (+ small towel for sauna to sit on)
- Slippers or socks  

To make sure that your winter outdoor swimming session will be as pleasant as possible, wear warm clothing and allow yourself to spend enough time. And of course – an open and positive attitude will help you to make the most of this wonderful experience. If you feel you would need any help or advice, there will be many members willing to guide you into the secrets of winter outdoor swimming. Please do not hesitate to ask. And remember:  the first dip always feels cold but after that it only gets better and better.

Remember that paths and steps can be slippery as well as the floor tiles in the sauna. Therefore walk slowly and carefully. Special slippers for winter outdoor swimming are available in most sport and department stores.  

After your sauna and swimming session you may sit down in the club room and have a warm drink.

How to get there
The Ispoinen beach and sauna locate about 5 km from the Turku´s center. There is plenty of parking space if you travel by car. Or you can take the bus number 13 leaving from the square market.

How to become a member to the club
Turun Avantouimarit r.y. is the oldest winter outdoor swimming club in Turku. The club´s activities started 60 years ago and now the club has about 800 members.  Membership can be applied by filling in an application which can be found in the club house. The club meeting will handle the applications in their monthly meeting.
Membership fee             100 eur
Annual fee                       40 eur

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